Clamps Holder and Keeper.

Introduction: Clamps Holder and Keeper.

About: PENGUINS!!!!

Way to hold and store your clamps for your washed cloths.

It needs no work to make it, and the results are amazing : )

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Step 1: Material:

Take a flowerpot that can be hanged, and change the base to the top of the flowerpot as a cover.

Step 2: Usage:

Now you can store your clamps inside the flowerpot, and thanks to the cover they will be safe from the rain.

You can hang it with your clotes, and when hanging them, you can put the clamps on the top of the cover to reach them easily at the same height you are hanging the clotes.

It is a very simple basic hack, but it have becomed very usefull on my life, so hope that you will be able to use it too! : )

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    3 years ago

    I like you idea. I did the same with a coffe can, plastic. The results were not so good. The lid kept coming off and the container would fill with water. Think I'll give your approach a try.