Clap-Controlled Robot: How to Train Your Bunny




Introduction: Clap-Controlled Robot: How to Train Your Bunny

This is a robot that goes forward with one clap and backwards with two, and will only go backwards if you clap twice while its going forward and vice versa. I wanted to make this a little more fun, so made it bunny-themed.

If you want this to be a little bit more sophisticated, you could try to program it so that it turns right with three claps and left with one slow clap followed by two quick claps. Then you could try to navigate it through a maze with only your claps (Great for kids, and those working on their hand-eye coordination). Anyways, if I decide to pursue that, i'll post the instructions here as well!

Step 1: Materials

First thing's first, the things you will need are:

17x jumper wires

1x soldering iron

2x continuous rotation servo motors

1 x Arduino Uno1 x breadboard

1 x Breadboard

1x Electret Microphone Amplifier - MAX4466 with Adjustable Gain

Normal wire for soldering

1 x battery holder for 6 AA

6 x AA batteries (rechargeable is fine)

1 x snap attachment to DC power jack

1 x CD disk

2 x wheels compatible with servo motor (e.g., thingiverse part)

2 x wheel treads (e.g., o-ring gaskets)

1 x stabilizer caster wheel

1x Small philips head screwdriver

1 Glue Gun

A roll of tape


1x 200 Ohm resister

Optional (only if you want to make the robot a bunny):

A piece of colored construction paper


Step 2: Construct Your Body

Refer to this tutorial on how to do the body!

Step 3: Wire Your Arduino!

As such. Pretend that the speakers are the microphone sensors and the resistor is a 200 ohm one (The Fritzing app didn't have any of those). Make sure that the microphone is not obstructed by wires or near the Servos (as it will detect the vibrations from the Servos as sound, and the clapping won't work). For the microphone, solder the wires onto the holes using the soldering iron (be careful!).

Step 4: Upload the Arduino Sketch + Last Touches

Here is the Arduino sketch for the program.

Plug in the USB and upload in. Don't forget to unplug the power jumper from 5V, which powers the motors, to cut the Servo circuit. If you do leave it on, the computer will not recognize the Arduino and your Arduino board may burn.

Afterwards, plug the jumper wire back to 5V after unplugging the computer, plug in the jack into the battery, and viola!

Afterwards, you can decorate your Arduino to look like a bunny (OPTIONAL). Create two ears and one tail and stick it.

Last words : You can update the sketch above to create clap-controlled actions in general (with one clap doing one action, and two claps doing another action).

Step 5: And You're Done!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is great! I made something like this a few years back.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Do you have a copy of the arduino sketch by any chance?