Clap Operated GIANT Night Lamp - DIY Cheap and Easy


Introduction: Clap Operated GIANT Night Lamp - DIY Cheap and Easy

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Hi every one , I Sahas Chitlange, Aging 14 , from INDIA. Here's my instructable on Clap operated GIANT night lamp . This is a night lamp which turns on and off on claps. Once clapped it turns on and Again clapped it turns off. the hieght of this lamp is about 8 feets ( tallest night lamp in india . this innovation is very use ful for disableds and old people. Dont forget to vote and leave a comment . Your questions and suggestions are most welcomed. the cost to build was Only Rs. 1000.



Material required for this Clap operated night lamp are:
1) A Hollow Cardboard Cylindrical pole
2) LED Strip
3) LED Driver (12V 2.5A)
4) Aluminium foil
5) Clap operated relay circuit

Step 2: Wrap the Foil and Led Strip

Take the foil and wrap it around the cardboard pole. Next wrap the LED strip and wind it around it.

Step 3: Circuit of the Sensor

The circuit of the sensor. assemble the circuit on a general purpose PCB.

Step 4: How to Assemble

Assembling is very easy, just add the night lamp instead of "bulb" in the circuit diagram. Also refer to the photos and videos

Step 5: READY! -- Just Clap!

Your lamp is ready , no need of switching on and off the buttons, just clap.



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    where to buy the clap operated relay circuit


    4 years ago

    The clap. switch is a kit from visha or Vegakits na?

    1 reply