Introduction: Clapper

Don't know if this is the proper name of it, found this "toy" in store recently, not knowing what to do or play with, it is a spring action clapper hand, not likely work in concert, or else I still can use it to clap flies if it can be motorized, so I paid it for one and a half dollar, not expensive at least.

Step 1: How It Works ?

It is a gun shape clapper hand, I removed the spring to see the action, yeah simple enough.

Step 2: Motorized It ? Need Some Parts

I don't need the gun body, only retain the clapper hands and scissor linkages, I bought a motor gearbox, made a crane shaft, some plywood to rebuild the gun body and an old battery box, oh I forgot the switch too.

Step 3: Final Structure

I installed the crane shaft onto the gearbox to push the scissor linkage, the it can produce "pa, pa, pa" sound, now I can go to chase some flies. If you don't like it, give me a laugh.



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    Awesome project. With the videos, if you want to make them easier for people to view, you can upload them to YouTube and then use the Embed video tool in the step editor to embed them in the Instructable. That way people will be able to view the video on the page without having to download it.