Clash of Clans Hybrid Base





Introduction: Clash of Clans Hybrid Base

If your reading this you've probably heard of a popular app called clash of clans, in this instruct able I will show you how to make a hybrid base layout for TH8. Sorry for the category I picked, I couldn't find one more suited for this topic. This is my first instructable. Please follow, comment and favourite!

Step 1: The Walls

First you have to place down all the walls, if you follow the picture correctly it will work out with one extra wall and you can put that anywhere you want. This base will only work with TH8. I have lv 7 and 8 walls but any level will do.

Step 2: Protected Buildings

Now you have to place down all the buildings inside the walls, follow the picture to know were to put everything. This is a trophy base so the town hall is in the inside. The storages are interchangeable.

Step 3: Traps and Outside Buildings

It's time to finish off. Follow the picture to place the traps and decorations if you have them and all the outside buildings, the placement is mostly optional but I would recommend the layout I'm using now.

Step 4: Outro

If you did everything right it should look just like mine. This base is good in gold league and if your lucky you can get into crystal with it. If your using this setup please comment if you've won against anyone attacking you. If you want to join me my clan name is: War Pulse, it's a new war based clan and I'm recruiting now join if you want.



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    16 Discussions

    I like your strategy I use wizard towers with four cannons with five archer towers but still good base. Oh and I got peka yay beast right?

    Jgiraldo3 i usually use a goblin & archer strategy with a few minions and sometimes barbarians. It's also useful to bring some wall breakers. I would recommend farming around gold 3 but it can vary depending on what lv town hall you are

    1 reply

    i use wiz and giants stratergy uisin which i can 3 star yr base that u have shown cause i have all troopes maxed for th8

    Gabouuu the storages are interchangeable, i just put elixer on the inside because I was saving it up to get all lv 5 troops

    Hello, this base is great one question I had what troop do you use for farming? I'm currently farming under 200 but the bases are A bit strong so I'm trying to look for another farming strategy

    The base is great but i would personally put the gold storage in the center becouse with gold you make most of the updates so it is more important than the elexir (I dont k ow how these things are called in englisch but in german they are called "Gold" and "Elexier" you know what I meen)☺

    Hey everyone please comment and favourite! This is my first instructable so any tips would be great. Sorry for a few spelling errors I made. If your using this base tell me how it turns out!