Clash Royale Barbarian Bowl Arena Lego

Introduction: Clash Royale Barbarian Bowl Arena Lego

Hi guys. Recently A new game came out called Clash Royale. I was inspired by one of the arenas called barbarian bowl. I decided to use my extensive collection of Legos to replicate it. You will need:
2x black 2x3 bricks
24x white or grey angled slope bricks (1x1)
1x red and 1x blue 2x2 plates
2x 16x16 green base plates
2x 8x2 blue plates
2x brown 4x4 plates
36x white or grey 2x4 bricks
4x 4x8 tan plates
4x tan 4x6 plates
3x 1x1 red bricks
3x 1x1 blue bricks
6x yellow studs(or orange)
6x black studs

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Step 1: Base/foundation

Connect the two base plates with the blue 2x8s. Then build the paths and bridges. Vertical plates are 4x8, Horizontal are 4x6 (like in battle, not in the pictures). In the third picture, you can kinda see where the towers will be

Step 2: Foundation

Add 1 height of the 2x4 bricks on where the towers will be.

Step 3: Erect the Towers!

Add two more bricks in height to the crown towers. Add three more bricks in height to the King tower.

Step 4: Details

Add the battlements and cannons. Put the slope bricks on an angle if you can

Step 5: Optional Minifigs

You can create optional minifigures with the options pieces

Step 6: Success!

If you did this right, you can impress all of your clashing friends! I like it, hope you guys did too.
Clash on!

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