Clash of Clans - Goblin - Mask


Fab Foam Sheets (Quantity, colour and size)
1 - Light Green 300mm x 450mm
1 - Dark Green 300mm x 450mm
1 - White 225mm x 300mm
1 - Orange or Red (for eyes, nose and lower lip) 225mm x 300mm
1 - Black 225mm x 300mm

Pen or pencil

Double sided sticky tape
12mm x 33mtrs roll

Dart or equivalent (for poking a hole through two pieces of polystyrene).

2 Polystyrene blocks
25mm wide x 25mm depth x 60mm high

PC or MAC with an A3 or A4 printer


Using the template provided download, draw and cut out each part matching the colours.

Before we go any further we will need to cut eye holes out so grab your ruler go to the mirror and measure from the centre of one eye across to the center of the other and mark out on the tan/beige skin tone fab foam sheet and cut.

Grab the polystyrene blocks pop a hole in the centre of each using the dart so that you can pass through the elastic, pass the elastic through both pieces of polystyrene tie a knot at either end. Take the dark green fab foam sheet face down position the ears and stick now with the elastic position that and staple at each end of the elastic and slide each polystyrene block to either side.

Working from top down stick all the cut pieces of foam together.

Keep an eye out for more clash of clans character masks

Thank you for viewing.

PS please let me know how you got on making this mask

Best regards

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