Clash of Clans-Dark Elixer Farming Base

Introduction: Clash of Clans-Dark Elixer Farming Base

About: If there is danger I am in, my only exception is heights, they are not for me. I like pyrotechnics and things that blow up or fire.

Basically this is a instuctable to help you protect your dark elixir you have worked so hard to gain. Remember this is not a perfect design none are, customize it to your needs.

Step 1: Dark Elixer and Mortar

First stick your dark elixir vat in the middle surrounded by your best walls. Then place a mortar under the box made with it.

Step 2: Air Defences

Place your air defences 2 squares next to the mortar.

Step 3: More Mortars

Add 2 mortars next to the air defences. Then wall them in.

Step 4: Wiz and Castle

Place your clan castle above the dark elixer. Then place two wizard towers next to it then wall it in.

Step 5: Barb King

Put yout Barbarian King at the bottom of the existing village (oh yeah got my Barbarian King) and 2 hidden teslas.

Step 6: Archers

Add 2 archers towers then wall in.

Step 7: More Defences

So now add a cannon at the top then flank it with 2 archers towers then add walls.

Step 8: Much More

Now place 2 cannons on both sides with a gold storage, wall in. Then below that add your last cannons and elixir storages.

Step 9: Ending

Now place your town hall at the bottom and add the rest of your village.

I hoped you liked the ible plz tell me what I can do better. I'll be doing more instuctables on this.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice base =) So far it worked out for me. Thanks :)


    6 years ago

    My clan uses Clan Wars Assist to communicate war strategy. It works good.


    6 years ago

    he did, "Clash of Clans" is the game.