Class E Fountain Lamp

Introduction: Class E Fountain Lamp

About: I am a 26 year old North Dakotan boy. I like stuff that's good and stuff that's good likes me too. Life's good folks. Let's make it better.

This was made for a very special someone in need of a floor lamp with a lot a twist.. the Class E Modern Fountain Lamp.

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Step 1: Aquire Desired Lumber.

For this project I needed a big log so I went to our local dumps and they were glad to assist in loading it up.

Step 2: Carving

I began to roughly shape this with mostly a chainsaw and an angle grinder chainsaw attachment.

Step 3: Sanding

After desired shape or design I'd acquired you'll need to sand fro. 50 grit to 220.

Step 4: Decapitate

In order to get the light into place and have it swivel, the tip had to be removed. I cut out a whole in the top of the base and bottom of tip to mount all of the hardware.

Step 5: Move It

To get the tip to swivel I took apart and used a fan motor and mounted that. I'm sure there's a formula for rotational to orbital motion as this was quite tricky finding the sweet spot bit I mostly used trial and error.

Step 6: Light It Up

The light is mounted in bottom of the tip

Step 7: Make It Squirt

This was just necessary.. how can it not. The pump is then mounted in the top of the base in the hole made for water storage. I used a 2 part epoxy to seal it up. I drilled a hole through the tip to run the hose.

Step 8: Add Power

To get power I had to drill multiple holes through the side to get the cord ran to the top.

Step 9: Clapper

What kind of lamp would this be if it didn't clap on and off. I used the clapper for this and basically just minimized it and plugged wires together by soldering them instead and mounted it inside with the rest of the hardware.

Step 10: Fill Holes and Stain

Fill holes with wood putty and give it some of the stain of your choice.

Step 11: Plug It In

Plug it in and WOOLAH!!!
Clap twice for lamp.
Clap three times for rotation and fountain.

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