Class Time Games - Cricket and Join Dots

Introduction: Class Time Games - Cricket and Join Dots

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Lot of games we play in our school days while class times. It looks like we are studying but actually we are playing games. Two of the most interesting game is

1) Book Cricket.

2) Connect dots to box.

Lets see how to play each games separately.

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Step 1: Materials for Cricket

A fat book is used to play cricket. The important one is each page must contain page number. Now the fat boot i have is my dictionary. A White paper to write scores.

Step 2: Play Cricket

In this game only batting is done and out is also play by him self. This is a two player game Toss and found who to bat first.

1) Close the book and pray to god and open a page.

2) see the last digit of the left side page number. It may be 0, 2, 4, 6 ,8 according to that number score is calculated

0 -Out

2 - 2 Runs

4 - 4 Runs

6 - 6 Runs

8 - Singles 1 Run

3) Play up to 10 wickets and write down each players score and number of balls in a separate paper.

Step 3: Score Board

1) Calculate the score and find total.

2) Now hand over the book to ur friend and its his term.

3) But in the second batting calculate the sum of the score for each score.

4) If the score goes above the team one score the match won by the team 2 or if all the wickets gone with low score Team one wins.

Make it more interesting

To make it more interesting give each time ur favorite country name and list all the players.

Step 4: Material for Join Dots

Very interesting and time of the game depends up on the number of dots.


1) Turn a empty page in Your Note

2) Pen or pencil.

Step 5: Draw Dots

1) Draw Dots in rows and columns.

2) Rows and Columns count must as many as you have time.

3) This is a multiplayer game.

Step 6: Play Join Dots

1) First person start to connect the dots by line in vertical or horizontal only. No crossing is allow.

2) Then pass it to the next person.

3) He connect another two dots.

4) Don't make option to the next person to make it a box.

5) After Lot of rounds its time to make the third side of the box.

6) If any one close a box put his sign inside the box. and take another turn to link dot.

7) in this stage it take time check for all the possible ways to complete our turn with out give opportunity for the next player to complete the box.

8) But if no way then check if you allow to complete a box. Did that completed box make him to complete other boxes in sequence. If o then check what id the least count he ale to complete.

9) Like wise close all the boxes.

10) Count the box with individual signs and Top one is the winner of the game.

Lot and lot of Class time games we play in our school times. Instruct all that in upcoming instructables. Have fun.

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