Class Room Music




Introduction: Class Room Music

ever wish you could listen to music in class well hers how i do. just dont abuse it... if you still get cought dont cry to me.

Step 1: Sweet Shirt (yess I Know I Said Sweet and Not Sweat)

ok this is my first instructable so comment and please be nice. this will show you how to get away with music in class.

Step 2: Put on Your Sweet Shirt

well you know just put it on. if you dont know how to do that this might be a little complicated just ask your parents for help. lol.

Step 3: Thread It Threw

put the ear budds or whatever threw your sleave. like the pic duh

Step 4: How to Use Your Awsome-ness

just rest your head on your hand. you know? if not well than you probly had problems with step 2 but thats ok. ask someone els im to bissy learning to spell.



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    you guys are mean i dont mean use my type of awsomeness while your being lextured(tought(cant spell)) u use it while your writeing a page on respect which my class resently had to do and i see that non of you have respect... oh and i didnt know this has already ben done but mines still beter because my i pod has linkin park on it so =P...

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    Yeah sorry thats just my opinion. By the way, in general, wear a dark sweatshirt and also have dark earbuds. Long hair helps as well.

    this is (no offense implied) sort of old And common sense but for some of the people at my school........... maybe they need this i would use this if i ever had an ipod (sad i know) i have a friend eho does this without instructable though fairly intelligent compared to aforesaid personaes

    I have to disagree with that I did this I never got caught even when the teacher was talking to me, maybe its just your school

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but us teachers know this trick! If you are going to do this, at least try to make it look less suspicious than most of the students I have caught. Long hair is actually far better at hiding ear buds than a sleeve pulled over the hand. That said, don't listen to music when you should be listening to the teacher. If it helps you work, however, I personally don't have a problem with it, though your school might!

    Your time would be better spent listening in class. Aym Jess Sayun.

    Look, buddy. I'm sorry, but this has been done a million times since the advent of earbud headphones. I gotta tell you, instructables doesn't need another one of these. I don't want to be mean to people, it's not my nature, but it is tiring seeing these directions daily.

    ask someone els im to bissy learning to spell.


    I mean, neat idea and all... but the entire instructable just reached a new level of awesomeness with that line.