Classic Costume Idea: Punk Rock Goddess

Introduction: Classic Costume Idea: Punk Rock Goddess

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Channel your inner Billy Idol in this awesome DIY costume idea: the punk rock goddess!

Step 1: Ensemble

The first step into making a punk rocker costume is having the right outfit. You have to have some black, as well as a bit of leather, and distressed jeans, like this ensemble right here.

Both the leather jacket and ripped jeans were from Forever 21, while the t-shirt was from Kohl's.

Step 2: Accessories

Of course, a good punk rocker costume has to have lots of jewelry! Check out these examples: black fingerless gloves, bracelets, a choker, and cross earrings.

Step 3: Make-Up

Also, you can't have a good punk rocker costume on if you don't have the right make-up. So, here's an example on how to do a simple yet eclectic make-up application for a punk rock goddess:

1) I started with black eyeliner (Maybelline Master Drama in Midnight Master).

2) Next, I mixed some black and silver eye shadow for the lids (Wet N Wild Color Icon in Panther, and Maybelline Eye Shadow in NY Silver).

3) Then, I add a few layers of black mascara (Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express in Black)

4) Finally, I painted the lips with a nice burnt red color (I use a mix of Fergie Wet N Wild Lip Stain in Voguing Madness, Maybelline Color Sensational in Are You Red-dy?, and Maybelline Color Sensational in Deepest Cherry).

Step 4: Add a Wig and Gems

Finally, I topped off the look with this "Trouble Maker" wig that I bought from the Dollar Store, and some star body gems for a glitzy finish to this punky face!

Step 5: Rock On!

Now, get ready to let out that "REBEL YELL" as a punk rock goddess!

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    3 years ago

    Cool idea, but TBH this isn't really punk rock. It's way more like the classic or new wave rock scene.