Classic Costume Idea: Red Vampiress

Introduction: Classic Costume Idea: Red Vampiress

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Here's a fun DIY costume idea that you really sink your teeth into: a red vampiress costume that even Count Dracula would really fall head over heels for!

Step 1: Black Ensemble

To start, you need to have some black into your outfit. My version of the costume consisted of a black top, leggings, and a cape (which I bought from the flea market a few years ago).

Step 2: Red Accessories

Next, it's on to the red stuff. For example, I chose to wear red shoes, a red skirt, and red gloves. The reason why I suggest wearing red accessories is because it gives off a nice pop of color, and it also makes a great contrast to an all-black ensemble.

Step 3: Jewelry

You can also add a few bits of jewelry to make your look really stand out. In this example, I am wearing a pair of diamond earrings that actually came from Israel.

Step 4: Face Paint

Of course, you can't go as a vampiress without the proper makeup, so here's how I did my take on the classic look:

1) First, I started with a nude color application all over the face.

2) Next, I added white highlights to the top and bottom corners of my eyes, as well as the bridge of my nose.

3) From there, I added some purple and burnt red face paint over my eyes, along with the same colors in eye shadow to blend in and make the colors pop out. In addition, I added the same colors to the cheeks for a little bit of depth.

4) Now, I added black to the look, by making angry eyebrows, outlining my eyes, coloring in the lips, and making outlines for the fangs on the corners of my bottom lip.

5) Finally, I added a nice blood dribble down my chin with red paint, as well as a few blood drop jewels on those dribbles to give it a shiny look!

6) Of course, besides the make-up, I also finished off the look with a red and black vampiress inspired wig!

To see the separate instructable on how to paint the red vampiress face paint in complete detail, just go to this link:

Step 5: Eat Your Heart Out in This Costume!

Now, get ready to suck blood in style in the bloody glamorous costume!

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