Classic Feind Mask




This mask Is really fun to make and the teqnique is extremly versitile.
There really are no limits to what you can make.
For best results i suggest having a cast of your face or somthing similar, to work off of.
I'm using a quick mock up form of modeling clay.
You will also need plenty of paper, scissors, washable school glue, paint and primer.

Step 1: Step 1

Start by applying several layers of glue soaked paper strips to your base. (about 4)
dont cover the bottom of the nose.

Step 2: The Horns

Mold a cone about three inches long from your paper.
then fold a whole piece of paper in half length ways 3 times, gluing each fold.
You should now have a thick 1" by 11" strip.
Cut one end at an angle and wrap it clockwise around the cone from tip to base, overlapping each previous wrap.

Repeat this once more but wrap counter-clockwise.

Step 3:

Attach horns to base, and add a long pointy nose.
Secure these by adding more layers to the base with strips that run up the horns and down the nose.
Finaly twist  strips of paper into two cords and wrap the base of each horn.

Step 4:

Cover entire mask with layer of glue and lay on tissue paper to cover gaps and seams.
Repeat until smooth.
Once dry primer the mask

Step 5:

Now paint it to taste.
This look was acheived by putting down a layer of red, then black streaks and lines across the mask.
Then cver the streaks with orange, yellow then one more coat of red.
I think it gives it an Autum Leaf feel.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry, I'm curious is the title supposed to be "Fiend" or is that a regional usage of "Feind"?

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