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When I get sick I find that I start to go stir crazy at home and occupy myself with making simple things I otherwise would never bother to do. One thing I made while I was laid up in bed was a good 'ol fashioned rubber band ball. Basically, you start by taking two or three rubber bands and tie them into a knot. Then, all you need to do is wrap more rubber bands around this initial knot. A ball will start to form. Continue wrapping rubber bands around it until you get bored, run out of them or the rubber bands stop fitting around the ball.

In the case of this one, the green rubber bands stopped fitting around the ball. I continued proceeding with the larger red rubber bands that I had lying around, but I kind of liked the way this one looked. So I stopped adding bands and called this one finished.

I highly recommend making rubber band balls if you happen to have a thousand rubber bands lying around, a bout of the flu and are easily amused.

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