Classic Banana Split.




One day I was looking on Instructables and looked up "ice cream". There were some nice Instructables, but I noticed one thing, no banana split. I was a little upset knowing how well some people could make ice cream but not a banana split. So I thought, why don't I make one?
 but enough with my thought's now I will show you how to make one.

Step 1: Ingredients.

these are what you need to make and enjoy your ice cream treat
* 1 banana
* 2 scoops or more of vanilla bean ice cream
* caramel topping
* chocolate topping
* cherry (optional)
* whipped cream
* spoon
* ice cream scoop (optional)
* bowl


Step 2: Order and Placement

First you need to put the banana down in the bowl, make sure you don't break the banana too much so it looks nice. Next place the ice cream in round scoop form into the bowl this is also good for presentation. Add whipped cream in a nice swirl again good for presentation. Finally Add the caramel
 and fudge toppings and put them on in a criss-cross motion. look at pictures for reference.


Step 3: Not So Classic

You could add things like Oreo's or girl scout cookies to yours for more flavor but i went with the original. here are some pictures to look at different options.



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      4 years ago

      Your dessert looks good. However A classic banana split also has a strawberry topping. Actually it would be chocolate topping, pineapple and strawberry syrup whipped cream and then sprinkle with chopped nuts on top. Toppwd wirh a cherry. My moms favorite dessert.


      Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

      Wikipedia depends upon people contributing and editing. You could edit that page to include "The classic banana split is not called a banana split because it is split down the middle, it's because-"
      And note that Google-ing images does in no way corroborate that nomenclature, every image of a split banana & ice-cream dessert named "banana-split" is purely coincidental.