Classical Fall Smokey Eye | Danielle Scott

i have a youtube channel and love to share my ideas :)

Intro: Classical Fall Smokey Eye | Danielle Scott

Here is the classical smokey eye perfect for a night out or party. Great to get all the attention to your eyes.

Step 1:

Fist take a pale skin toned shadow and apply this all over the lid and up into the brow.

Step 2:

Then with a brown shade apply this to the crease of your eye and then go in with a darker shade of brown and do the same.

Step 3:

Then with a black shadow apply this on the outer corner of your eye and blend this out so it is nice and soft. With a gold shadow apply this to the other part of the lid.

Step 4:

With a light highlight shade apply this o the inner corner and also on the brow bone.

Step 5:

Then apply a wing to your eye with your eyeliner and and with a black eyeshadow apply this on the lower lash liner to bring the full look together.

Step 6:

With a cream eye pencil apply this to the water liner to open up your eyes.

Step 7:

Finally apply mascara to the top and lower lashes and then apply your false lashes for the dramatic look.



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