Classy Clarinet Lamp

I found an old silver Victory clarinet at a garage sale many years ago. I researched the clarinet on the internet and found out it was from about 1939, but wasn't very valuable...this made me feel a lot better about turning it into a lamp! The clarinet consists of three peices, one long piece with all the keys, one small neck piece, and a dirty old black mouthpiece.
1. I pitched the mouthpiece, we won't be using that!
2. I took apart a broken lamp I got at the dollar store for only $3! All you need to do is keep is the electrical cords and the socket where the light bulb goes.
3. I cut the cord to the length of the clarinet, the plug is too big to slide through the body so I had to splice it back together after I ran the cords down the inside of the clarinet top to bottom, The socket piece of the lamp fits perfect into the neck piece of the clarinet.
4.I ran a bead of superglue and glued the bottom edge of the socket into the neck piece of the clarinet.
5.For the base of this lamp, I recycled the top portion of a broken solar powered yard light. I just pulled it off the base, and popped off the solar part. All I need was the metal ring.
6.I drilled a hole big enough to pass the electical cords through and then I spliced the cord back together with a couple little wire nut made for splicing electrical wires. I tucked that inside the bell of the clarinet.
7. Then I used more super glue to glue the bell of the clarinet onto my newly created lamp base!
8.I bought a $5 lamp shade and put it on top of the clarinet/light bulb socket, put in a 40 watt bulb, crossed my fingers, and plugged it in, IT'S GORGEOUS!!!! Now I'm on the hunt for more used instruments to turn into lamps!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    That's pretty cool. I was wondering when will be the day I saw a clarinet lamp. Waste of an instrument though, but cool.


    5 years ago

    I play the clarinet, and seeing this just makes me cry!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for your comment. I'm a first timer at posting an instructable and really didn't know how to go about it! I checked out some of your creations and I'm very impressed! You are quite talented! Thanks for commenting!