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What do you do with an empty duct tape roll? Well, one thing you can do is make a Classy Container! You can put practically any loose items inside a Classy Container, and one can be made with just a few household items! Better yet, you can make a collection of containers by using the same pattern of duct tape on each one! In under five minutes you can have a whole set of these containers for your keys, buttons, clothespins, paperclips, magnets, or loose change. Let's get started!

  • Patterned duct tape
  • Empty duct tape roll
  • Empty Greek Frozen Yogurt Container
  • Something to fill the container with

Step 1: The Container

Insert the Greek Frozen Yogurt container through the top of the empty duct tape roll until it is sitting on the top of the rim of the roll, unable to fall through the bottom.

Step 2: Time to Break Out the Duct Tape

Grab that favorite roll of duct tape and rip a strip about the length of one time around the roll. Stick it to the container, leaving just a tiny bit of tape sticking up over the container. Fold down the excess duct tape at the top, overlapping the rip of the container so it will not fall out of the empty roll when turned upside down.

You have finished making your container!

Step 3: Dump in Any Loose Items!

Now it's time to dump in any loose items you may have lying around on your bedside or kitchen counter! Loose change is a great thing to store inside, or you can throw in other miscellaneous objects including paperclips with binder clips stuck around the edges of the container, Fancy Pants clothespins, thumb drives, or erasers. You can see what I am using my containers for in the pictures above!

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    Hey, I'm momoluv and you commented on my instructable with the something a bit ago. I've seen your stuff and I want you to know that it's really awesome and great!!!

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