Classy Mad Lib Guest Book Cards in a Pretty Folded Napkin!




Introduction: Classy Mad Lib Guest Book Cards in a Pretty Folded Napkin!

I was looking for something for guests to do at the reception tables while the room filled up.
I was looking for some creative idea for the guest book.

So when I came acroos the idea for a mad lib for weddings, I thought, AND GUEST BOOK CARD!!!  For those guests who did not want to do a mad lib, I created a space on the back of the card for a note, or even a picture for the creatively inclined, or the kids!  I LOVED how it turned out!

We received soooo many hilarious notes!  And it gave the guests something to break the ice.  We received so many hand drawn pictures from kids and adults on the space provided on the back.  And because of the space, people said more than just "Congratulations" and their name, it encouraged them to write fun notes!  These cards are all part of my guest book card book, such a wonderful memory of our wedding!

To save $$ we decided to use paper napkins.  So when my friend came into my room and said, "Look what I found at the dollar store!  Blue AND Butterfliy Napkins!!!!"  (The colour and theme of our wedding)!  But I did like the large blue napkins that we had already chosen....   solution?  I found how to combine them, and used them to hold the cards, and again... LOVED how it turned out! 

For those new to mad libs, it's a fun word game in which you don't know what story or letter you're creating, but you are asked to choose certain words... nouns, verbs, to complete it. It works the best if you don't know the context in which you are putting the words.  Some of the results are hilarious!

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Step 1: Come Up With the Mad Lib

When I came up with the mad lib, I had already decided that I wanted all the blanks in a column to allow for a hidden story, to fold it away.

So, my mad lib turned out to be:
                               We are  (Emotion)
                       to be at your (Adjective)
Wedding! It’s the biggest (Noun)
                                   since (Historical Event)
    My advice would be to  (Advice)
                         before you (Verb)
         Ben should always (Verb)
                          Naomi’s  (Noun)
and, Naomi, never ever  (Verb)
                  We wish you  (Number)
years of happiness and  (Adjective)
                                            (Plural Noun)

                               Yours  (Adverb)
                                            (Your Names)

It's hard to illustrate on the with this font, but I did justify it properly on the actual card... see the pic.
The BEST part that made me laugh the "We wish you ____________years of happiness and _______  ___________. "

I did add a little help at the bottom of the card, (only on the side that you see when the right is opened.)  I said...

Adjective: Describing Word (Funny, Loud) , Noun: Person, Place or Thing, (cat)
Verb: Action (swim, sing)  Adverb: Ends in "ly (happily, crazily)

Feel free to surf the internet for more wording ideas... just type "Wedding Mad Lib"!

Step 2: Format Your Card

I found pretty Butterfly Clip art online!

I used Word and columns to format,  (Side A)  The first column is right justified, the middle column is just  all underline, and the third column is left justified.

I used "word art" to make side B.  I could move the words and boxes around just where I wanted them!  Side B has the two front flaps.

On the front I explained what to do....
I wrote:
"Please fill out the "Mad Lib" and/or write a note on the back of this card, and drop off in the "Guest Book Card Box" provided on the card table.
Thank you for being part of our celebration today!
(If completing the mad lib, open the left flap after fill in the blanks for the most fun!)"

Not everyone likes mad libs... and I wanted to use these as the guest book cards.  Also, it was a kid friendly wedding, so I also wanted to allow for drawn pictures, (I was pleased to get drawn pictures from grown ups too!!! ) So on the back panel, (the middle section), I wrote "Write a Special Note or Draw a Picture for Ben & Naomi:"  and at the bottom below the frame I reminded "Don't forget to sign your name!"

As you can see, the story is hidden away by the flap...  And how do I keep that flap down to avoid accidental glancing?  The next step reveals my secret ;)

Step 3: Fold and Stick!

And how did I avoid accidental opening?

I found a Glue Stick of Awesomeness, made by Scotch.  I found it at Michaels, and it's called a "repositional craft stick".  Basically, you put it on the paper, wait, and then it's just like a Post It Note!  Slightly sticky, but repositionable!

So I use this on the inside left panel.

But don't forget to do a prototype!  I bought cheap paper from the dollar store, and the laser jet ink seemed ok... but the glue smudged the ink, even when we tried different printers.  So disappointing.  I had spent hours formatting to that size of card because of the precut packs at the dollar store!  Now we had to use other card, and it was purchased in letter size.  I either had to reformat to half of a letter, or use the current format and cut the card to size!!!   Since they fit so well inside my napkin, I decided to keep the smaller size. 

Instead of cutting 100 cards, we decided to go to staples to get them to copy and cut... and guess what... they fold too!  So though it cost $75, it also saved sooooo much time!!!  Maybe not such a bad thing!

Moral of the story... do a prototype!!! 

Step 4: Fold the Napkin! Step One.

I found the perfect blue napkin!  Dinner sized!
My friend found for me the perfect butterfly napkin!  Lunch sized!

So I created the double perfect napkin!

To gett the butterflies to show, I had to open up both, and place the butterflies face up on the bigger blue napkin.

Step 5: Fold in Half

Fold the bottom edge up to the top edge. 

Step 6: Fold in Half Again

Fold the right edge over to the the left.

Step 7: Reposition

Slide the botton right corner down to so it's centered at the bottom. 
Now all the "open" ends, all four  corners, are at the top.

Step 8: Fold Down First Corner

Fold down the top corner, ALL the way down to the bottom. 

(If not using a second napkin as an accent, you don't fold all the way down.  Fold the point down and leave a cm or two.  See second Pic)

Step 9: Fold Down Second Corner

Fold down accent napkin as far is it can fold.

(If not using an accent napkin, fold down the next corner, leaving the same amount of space you left last time.  See Pic 2)

Step 10: And Fold Down the Next Corner...

Fold down the next accent napkin corner, leaving a cm or two of space.  (pic shows it best.)

(If not using an accent napkin, fold down the last corner leaving the same amount of space again, and wait a few steps for the accent napkin to catch up!)

Step 11: Fold the Next Two Corners at the Same Time

Fold the next two corners at the same time to the same point of the accent napkin just folded... covering the white boring side of the accent napkin.

Step 12: Fold Down Last Corner

Fold down th accent napkin corner as far as it will fold.

Step 13: Fold the Band

Fold the the flap down at the corner.  Same for the napkin without an accent napkin.

Step 14: Tuck the Sides Behind, and Voila!

Step 15: Use the Pocket for Anything! Mad Libs Are My Favorite!

I originally found this napkin fold as intended to hold the cutlery, but I've seen it used to hold roses or other flowers.. the possibilities are many~!

We put the mad lib card in so that just the title peeked out!

Enjoy your wedding!  Enjoy the little details, and don't worry about details that don't get done.  As long as you say "I do", the day is perfect ;)

If you liked my instructable, please don't forget to vote :D

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    6 years ago

    Howdy NomiJ. I have to say I have been looking different mad libs all day, and yours is by Far the best that I have seen. I followed your advice and made it my.favorite. Would there be any chance that I could get you to email me a blank template? i would be forever in your debt. I would even give you credit for the design and if you would like I can add your email address for guests of the wedding to contact you. And bedides all of that, I am a photographer. If you live in the Las Vegas area an entire shoot would be on me. If you do not, you can email me any pictures you would like edited (color correction, cropping, blempish removal etc.) as a way to to thank you. Well either way, email me at krisrieser@hotmail. And thank you either way as I loved your work. Thank you, bye.

    am a year late BUT loved this. have a set of cardboard spoons - flat ones but very ornate - which you can dot around the table hidden in napkins, half under dishes etc... on each one is a question such as 'What does the person next to you do for a living?' - so people have to new people... get to know the guests etc. Conversation pieces I guess. BUT this is better... the small drawing idea on the back is geniusm since if at a special occasion, you'd gather them all up and stick into albums for wedding/party keepsakes... and the funny bits, read aloud after four or so top-ups of chamers, would be playful and funny... LOVE IT! You are clearly still part-child - a complement indeed.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I totally love that cardboard spoon conversation starter! Almost as much as I love the compliment... I am clearly still part child... definitely a compliment indeed! Thanks! :D


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hello! Do any of you have the word doc for this?

    I am very interested in it.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Amazing! I LOVE this idea, I have been searching for xomething unusual and brillaint and now i've found it - thank you!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    If anyone is interested in the word doc of our Mad Lib to change for themselves, feel free to private message me! (I'll trade for a vote!!! LOL!)