Classy Serial Killer Jewelry




Serial killers and warriors have been known to collect body parts from their victims. Hair, teeth, and nail clippings might serve as a suitable trophy. What if the killer wasn't at war or on the run? What if they were classy and beautiful?

I certainly wouldn't advocate killing anyone to make these, but they can serve other purposes as well. Celebrate a first baby tooth lost or to remember family members or friends. My first version of this idea was a necklace combining a lock of hair and nail clippings from my husband.

Each step will show you how I made a different pendant with a different type of trophy. You'll need to add a chain to each one.


Step 1: Fingernails


Fingernails or Toenails

Casting Resin


Hot Glue


Blank Pendant or Film Canister Lid


Cut your cardstock to fit the pendant, and press it into the pendant so that it is a tight fit.

Choose your nails and lay them out the way you want them on the pendant.

Use tweezers to hold each nail as you apply a very small amount of hot glue and press onto the cardstock.

Mix the casting resin according to the instructions and pour slowly over the nails until the resin covers the nails and reaches the top of the lip around the edge.

Allow to cure according to the instructions.


The resin will shrink a bit while curing. If it shrinks more than you'd like, you can add another layer of resin. It sticks to the first layer and remains clear.

If you don't have a blank pendant, you could also create this piece with a silicone mold.

Step 2: Teeth


Tooth (I used an old baby tooth)

Glass Corked Tube (I got mine in the scrapbooking section of my local craft store.)



Leather (a tiny scrap)


2 Mini Eyebolts

E6000 or comparable glue

Optional: I use a jump ring tool. It makes opening and closing chain links and jump rings much easier and faster.


Screw the two mini eyelets into the top and bottom of the cork.

Cut a small piece of leather to cover the back of the tooth.

Glue the end of the chain onto the back of the tooth using E-6000 and cover with the leather.

Cut the other end of the chain to a length that fits the tube. You don't want your tooth dragging at the bottom.

Open the last link in the chain and attach to the eyebolt on the bottom of the cork.

Press the cork into the tube. I chose not to glue mine because it felt secure, but you may want to apply some E6000 to the edge of the tube before inserting the cork to ensure it doesn't fall apart while wearing.

Step 3: Hair


Hair (I just happened to have a collection of hair from my husband, my hair in its natural color, bleached, and its current red color. You could also collect locks from your friends or family.)

E6000 or comparable glue


Barrel End Caps


Small Jump Rings

1 Large Jump Ring (I used a chain mail ring)


Separate a lock of hair that is a bit smaller than the diameter of the endcaps you're using.

Cut the lock of hair in half. This ensures that each hair is flush at the end.

Hold the lock and spread the hairs at the end where they are cut flush.

Use a toothpick to spread E6000 on the ends. Be sure to get them all. The better you apply the glue here, the less hair will fall out later.

Roll the glued ends of the hair between your fingers to squish them all together and allow them to fit into the endcap. This is where the E6000 is great. It doesn't dry too quickly but it's plasticity allows you to touch it without it getting all over your fingers.

Press the hair into an end cap firmly and allow to dry.

Repeat with each lock of hair.

Add a jump ring to each end cap and add to the large ring.


You could also make these into earrings.

Step 4: Enjoy

Add a chain to each pendant and prepare to explain how you made hair, teeth, and nail clippings so beautiful.



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    10 Discussions

    Cammy wal

    2 years ago

    This could also come in handy as a prop


    4 years ago on Step 4

    "Wow, that pedant is really nice! Where'd you get it?"

    "I made it myself... from my husband's toenails!"

    I love these so much! I would put all the pendants on one necklace to show how many enemies you have defeated. So awesomely creepy.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I'm probably going to try the hair one with a clipping from each of my cosplay wigs ^.^ Sentimental to me, at least

    1 reply

    I love that idea! I don't know what kinds of characters you've done, but the potential for being very colorful is exciting. Be sure to come back and post an "I made it" comment with a pic if you do it.


    4 years ago

    I'm definitely gonna try the hair one as my daughter had lost her hair from Chemo and she wanted to have something special made with it

    2 replies

    Reply 4 years ago

    What was that? Oh its just my heart breaking


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    That's an amazing idea! Please come back and post an "I made it" comment when it's complete. I'd love to see how it turns out.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Kinda creepy, but very beautiful! I'm sure that most people won't even notice what this is until you tell them.

    1 reply