Classy Cylindrcal Paper Lamp

Introduction: Classy Cylindrcal Paper Lamp

easy to make ,elegant, classy lamp.

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Step 1:

Things you will need
-Construction paper (the color you want your lamp to be,i chose black)

-Tracing paper

-P.V.C glue

-Paper cutter

-Light fixture (for the base)

You can use this lamp as a small table lamp or a large floor lamp.

Step 2:

Cut the construction paper into a rectangle
if you want to make a floor will have to make a larger rectangle, the length being the height of your lamp and the width being the base of your lamp( which will be formed into a circular base)
for a floor lamp you have to cut out a really large rectangle
for a table lamp you will need a small A4 size will do just fine

now, cut tracing paper of equal proprtions to the construction paper rectangle,and keep aside

Step 3: Step 3

Lay the construction paper on a hard surface and cut out any design you like.

Use templates if you like :)

Step 4:

After the design has been cut out on the construction paper, glue the tracing paper neatly behind the construction paper with the pvc glue. put aside to dry

Step 5:

gently shape your construction paper into a cylindrical shape by gluing the two lengths of the rectangle together.i start by stippling the two ends then slowly gluing them with a glue gun,the staples keep the cylinder stable (not open up)

Step 6: Last Step

all you have to do is fix the light fixture ( a bulb) below the lamp,and you are done :)
you can get a light fixture base made by your local carpenter,i usually make my own.

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    owh yes you can...this is my favorite lamp only for the reason that there is so much you can customise it to


    5 years ago on Introduction

    thank you so very much Tarun.yes i have entered in your competition.they sent me a mail they will review my instructable and get back to me.still awaiting thier reply :)