Claw Grabber

About: We made a grabber thing.

Intro: Claw Grabber

Today we will instruct you on how to create a claw grabber that can reach long distances.

Step 1: Materials

Materials you need to properly construct the Claw Grabber.

A small 5-7 quart storage bin without lid

A 3 foot long PVC pipe

4-5 foot long twine or string of any kind Tinfoil

Duct Tape

A small grabber hand toy


Hot glue gun

A smaller thinner PVC pipe


Step 2: PVC Pipe and Bin

Next you will tape your PVC pipe to this spot on the bin.

Step 3: The Grabber

Now this is where you should glue/tape the grabber toy to. Now you want to support it by taping and glueing it to the bottom of the box where it is resting.

Step 4: String

And this is where you should make a hole for the string to pass through.

Step 5: The Fingers

Next you will take the tinfoil and duct tape and wrap it around the fingers so that the fingers are extended so that they can reach further distances.

Step 6: Grip

Next if you want to, make a grip at the bottom of the pipe with duct tape.

Step 7: Test

Finally, to see if it works, pull the string at the bottom and the fingers should move enough to grip something.

In the end this is what it should look like.



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    2 Discussions

    Tom Anders

    8 weeks ago

    This is really creative.


    Cool. It would be interesting to see how big you could scale up something like this.