Clay Bacon

Introduction: Clay Bacon

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Step 1: Material

To make this clay bacon strip, you need to purchace air dry clay

Step 2: Conditioning

If your clay is firm, condition it by squeezing it.

Step 3: Additional Conditioning

Add water yo your clay if it turns crumbly

Step 4: Shape

Shape the clay into a rectangle. Then let it air dry

Step 5: Paint

Coat the clay in brown paint

Step 6: Paint Details

Paint on pink stripes after the brown coat drys

Step 7: Fineshed

You r done! Thanks for watching! Please comment(only positive), and favorite! Bye!



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    6 Discussions

    It's so cool and I luv BACON to!!&

    I know! But theres a first time for everything

    I love bacon!! Hope u like it!