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Introduction: Clay Earrings

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I followed simple steps to make these beautiful glittery clay earrings. Please have a look. Thanks.

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Step 1: Things Required

For Clay Earring:

Shilpakar Clay

Talcum powder

Fevicol / glue

Scissor / Knife

Decorative mini stones


pair of earring posts and backs

Pair of jump ring and earring hook

Step 2: Method

Take equal amount from both clay, add little talcum powder and start mending it without any lumps or air bubbles.

Roll the clay using rolling pin , cut them some pair of cute shapes and make a small hole on one end for attaching jump rings.

Now let the clay dry for 3 hours to become harder. (This clay doesn't require to bake in oven)

Once it became harder, then paint it.

Once the paint completely dried off, stick stones using glue as your wish. I glued the stone in different patterns. Please see the images.

Method 1 : Grab jump ring and earring hook, connect one another. Now attach it to the clay hole.

Method 2: Grab earring post, glue it and stick it on back of the clay.

Wait until it dry out completely.

Thats all.. Now you too made some beautiful earrings like mine. Thanks/

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very nicely done! I had no idea you could make your own clay like this. Thank you for sharing this!