Clay Macaroons

Introduction: Clay Macaroons

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Clay macaroons are super cute! Have you ever wondered how to make them for decoration or supplies? Now you can!

Step 1: Get Your Supplies

What you need:
Different colors of clay
Kitchen knife

Step 2: Roll the Clay

Roll up a ball of clay. Make sure you roll it until it is circular.

Step 3: Cut the Clay

Use the knife to cut the clay in half. Make sure that both sides have a flat part and a round part.

Step 4: Make the Fillings

Get another piece of clay. I usually use a different color than the macaroon, but anything that fits you is okay.
Flatten the filling, but don't put it on the macaroon yet.

Step 5: Shape the Macaroon

Using a pencil, scrape the edges of the macaroon like the picture shows. Go around the whole macaroon. Do the same thing for both sides.

Step 6: Add the Filling

Put the filling in between the two halves of the macaroon. Carefully pick off the edges that are sticking out by trimming it or squishing it, but be careful because the clay can break. If this happens, mold the clay back together.

Step 7: Finished!

Done! If you want to bake the clay, follow the instructions on the box or package that the clay came in.
You can use these macaroons for many different purposes, such as for decoration or supplies. I make macaroon earrings. The possibilities are endless!

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