Clay Part 2: Faux Fur Dolls





Introduction: Clay Part 2: Faux Fur Dolls

you will need:


something for eyes EX: rocks, googly eyes, etc,)

faux fur

hot glue gun or you can sew!

Step 1: Bird Head

round the bird head into a ball just like in the clay intro!

round a beak add eyes

Step 2: THE BODY!!!!!!!!!! Part:1

cut out faux fur into a back for the head and a body

sew or glue until there is a little space left to add stuffing

add the stuffing then glue or sew the remanding part

there was a pattern but it would not load

Step 3: Body Part:2

glue with hot glue the head part onto

the back of the faux fur where there is no fur

Step 4: YOUR DONE!!!




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    This could be a cool Halloween decoration :)

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