Clay Watch Ring

A watch that fits on your fingers sounded interesting, so I made one with clay. Supplies: oven bake clay and paint or nail polish,

Step 1:

Roll out the clay. Cut a strip about 1/2 wide. Cut a triangle shape at one end.

Step 2: Watch Band

Use a pencil to make small dents/ holes. Put a small piece of clay in the second dent. Fold it down. Overlap the ends. Flatten the bottom end a little. Put a small bar of clay around the ends.

Step 3: Watch Face

Cut out a circle. Roll a strip of clay. Wrap the strip of clay around the circle. Make the clock hands. This watch will be at 5:02. Attach the watch face to the band.

Step 4: Bake

Bake the ring following the directions on the package. Make sure the ring is still round. Paint the ring or leave it plain.



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