Introduction: Claymation!

How to make a cool easy claymations for very little price!!!!

Step 1: What You Will Need

First of all you will need a few basic things,
-Clay, I prefer Claytoon clay but anything works
-A camera
-Light to light the scene
-And last a table of some sort to make the claymation on

Step 2: Clay People!!!

Now you will need to make a clay person or animal to be in the claymation. There is all diffrent kinds of styles that you can create.

Step 3: Make the Claymation!!!!!

After you have chosen a character and script start taking pictures!!! To make a smooth claymation you should just move the body part a tiny bit for every picture so when it melds together it looks like the clay person is really moving.

Step 4: Now Upload and Edit!!!

After you have taken all the pictures upload them onto your computer. You then should put them into a movie maker such as iMovie or a claymation program to edit it. Most pros will set the pictures to 24 fps (frames per second) and you should probably do around the same also. Then last but not least add in a voice over and credits and you are done!!!

Now you have a smooth claymation!!! Make sure to add lots of humor and action for a pleasing claymation.



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    When making a stop motion animation movie it's a good idea to avoid taking pictures of easily moved objects, such as papers, plants, or natural light.

    You don't need to use a 24 frames-per-second framerate. Better use 12fps or even 8 fps. This means saving a lot of time!

    3 replies

    ya it saves time but in the end of a 24 fps its gunna turn out a lot smoother. trust me i makeclaymations in my spare time as a hobby and 24 is by far the best.

    i use my pseye for stop motion the only downfall is that it only lets you do 30 fps :s i usually just do 2 pics of the same for small movements

    I don't have a camera, so I used my laptop instead. I made an octopus who ate a candy bar, a lollipop and bubblegum! I found a new hobby ;).

    Its quiet difficult to make 24 films per second.Can i make 10 films per secondz???

    okay, the first guy is form knox's korner, the second is wallace and gromit, but who's the third?

    i did claymation in high school. it stared a booger that ate schoolwork when you slept in class

    And my brain has made a five second animation where he walks up to the flower to smell it, and it EATS him. lol Really, that popped into my head when I saw this. Nice Ible, btw.

    me and my bro made some that were really cool,but most of the pics were corrupted in the end and we used a different camera after word:( but nice clay people!!

    Well, if you stacked button cells in the base, and put some EL wire in place of a filament, and then REALLY overexposed the shot, you might get an image like that...Or you could GIMP it. We can't really have long conversations....Our avatars are too similar.