Clean Deck - How to Clean Deck With Wood Cleaner and Pressure Washer




About: Landscaping my backyard since 2003.

Hello friends,

I built a wooden raised deck and wrap-around deck or porch. We used the pressure-treated wood as material.

Three years after construction, it's time to clean deck with a wood cleaner before staining.

How to get the gray out of a wood deck?

How to remove mold and mildew on a raised deck?

►1: Mix the cleaning solution - Wood Cleaner
►2: Apply the cleaning solution to the deck
►3: Clean the deck using a pressure Washer
►4: Restoring wood to its original appearance

Abstract: DIY Deck Cleaning Instructions.

Periodic cleaning is a requirement. The following guide will help you to restore and maintain your deck.

See Cleaning instructions pictures guide (eng): ----- > How to clean a wood deck

Voir Instructions de nettoyage d'une terrasse en bois (fr): -------> Comment nettoyer une terrasse en bois



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