Clean a Computer Mouse




Introduction: Clean a Computer Mouse

Hi, in this Instructable I'll tell you how to clean a computer mouse.

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Step 1: The Beginning

First, take the mouse that has to be cleaned and a pair of little pliers.

Step 2: Open It Up

In my mouse i had to turn the cover counterclockwise to open it , but that can change depending by the kind of mouse.
Remove the ball.

Step 3: Clean It Up!

After removing the ball, you will find three rollers: two big and one little.
They are connected to the sensors that encodes the ball movement.
We have to clean them.
Take the pliers and use them in that way:
If there is some powder,take it with the pliers and remove, then turn the roller and remove...
If there is some sticky things close the pliers and press them to the roller, so scroll them ,
turn the roller and scroll them...

I hope you enjoied thiss instructables.
Excuse me for the english, because i' m italian
Excuse me for the (maybe) bad layout because i'ts my first instructables
Consider that i'm only 13

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Can you add steps about cleaning the rest of the mouse?


    (It's years since I used a Genius mouse...)