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Introduction: Clean and Realign Windscreen Washer

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This is a short instructable to explain how to clean and realign the nozzles on your windscreen wash.

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Step 1: The Problem

My Mitsubishi Outlander has lived all of its life in a hard water area, this has resulted in a buildup of limescale in the nozzles.
As a result, 4 of the 6 nozzles are blocked and the remaining 2 shoot out to the sides. This is dangerous at this time of year with so much road dirt and the low sun meaning I need to wash my screen regularly.

Step 2: Get Access

The nozzles are located at the rear of the bonnet lid. When the lid is opened there is a black muffler cover on the inside. This is removed by pulling out 7 plastic fasteners, I haven't gone into too much detail here as this will vary by model.
In the second image you can see the exposed feeder hoses.
I removed the splitter and ran the washer to ensure the hose was not obstructed. Thankfully it wasn't but I got wet in the experience.
You may notice I removed the splitter completely, this will allow any obstruction to come out freely later.

Step 3: Clear the Nozzles

Using a thin piece of wire, I used a stripped twist tie (you could use a sowing needle or a pin) I pushed the visible obstructions back inside the housing.
Then using a dosing syringe (the kind you use for liquid medication) I forced water in through the nozzle, this pushed little pieces of grit back out the open end of the hose and out of the system.
I did this several times to ensure the heads were clear.

Step 4: Check Nozzles

Go to the other end of the hoses with the syringe and push water though to make sure that all nozzles are clear, this is much quicker than reassembling the system to find you still have a blockage.
Once happy replace all parts and close the bonnet.

Step 5: Realign

The nozzles are actually holes drilled all the way through a small sphere and as such can be directed.
Using the same little piece of wire from earlier, you can aim the nozzles, they should have an even spread and hit the windscreen approximately drivers eye level (as this is the most important area to clear quickly)
This is a bit trial and error but is doesn't take long and is a worthy final step.
I hope this was helpful, drive safely...

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    3 years ago

    The syringe trick is brilliant. I've been needing to do this on my truck for months, but had no idea how to go about doing it. Thanks!!

    Left-field Designs
    Left-field Designs

    Reply 3 years ago

    no problem, they are the ones that come with kids medicine, I keep them around as they have tonnes of uses