Clean Up Your Whipper Snipper Shaft With Dremel




Introduction: Clean Up Your Whipper Snipper Shaft With Dremel

So you probably have some sort of metal with an ugly sticker on it somewhere, don't just peel it off, turn it into a feature!

I have a whipper snipper shaft I will be working on here so here is my project!

If I won the formlabs contest, I would begin making useful pieces with the 3D printer.
I have seen the printers before and I have a million ideas running through my head as to what I could make!

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Step 1: Pick Your Tool!

Firstly, we need to choose our tools, I will be using the following:

  1. Dremel 400 digital
  2. 105 Engraving Cutter
  3. 932 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone
  4. whipper snipper shaft
  5. some electricity
  6. simple skill

You can just click the links, I have set them to open in a new tab. :)

Step 2: Remove the Sticker

The first thing we need to do is get rid of that sticker!

You will need to use the sander bit to remove it and shine the metal.

Put it onto speed 25,000rpm and lightly touch the metal, it may spark or jump but you need to find a comfortable position.

I used it on the floor, I found that unlike any of the benches I had, the floor didn't move.

Now we need to start getting serious, rub up and down the shaft with the Dremel an it should slowly remove the sticker.

Please keep in mind that even though I did this in 15 minutes it is NOT a race! Seriously, you are using a tool, take it slow and steady and if you aren't comfortable with anything, stop and read the instructions...

Once you have removed the sticker you are ready to start engraving!

Step 3: Engrave That Shaft!

Now we remove the grinding stone and put on the 105 Engraving Cutter.

Put the speed on 33,000rpm and lightly touch the metal like we id in the first place, you need to find out which point is most comfortable for you to engrave, once you have found your position start engraving!

Engraving curved metal is a lot harder than flat so take your time keeping in mind that you are in no race!

When you have finished engraving please vote, post an "I made it" and share your work!

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