Cleaning Blinds Hack





Introduction: Cleaning Blinds Hack

This hack is litterally so brilliant!! This will give you clean blinds in under 5 minutes! And, supplies can be found around your home!!!

Step 1: Supplies:

For this hack you will need: 4 rubber bands, 2 cleaning cloths, and tongs.

Step 2: Add on the Cloths!

The first thing you need to do is wrap one of the cleaning towels around one of the sides of the tongs. The next thing you want to do is wrap the other towel around the other tong. Fasten both towels around with 2 rubber bands on each side.

Step 3: Clean!

How this works: you clamp down the tong on the blinds and simply slide the contraption down the cleaning area!



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    Simple and elegant. Thanks for taking the time to post.