Cleaning Cymbals

I had an old cymbal that looked bad. I looked up various ways to clean it: ketchup, Ajax, pro cleaners... I wondered if the Harbor Freight Headlight cleaner kit would work.

Step 1: Rubbing Compound

I prefer Turtle Wax rubbing compound to the cleanser in the kit. I used a sponge and covered the entire cymbal. I avoided the logo so that it wouldn't get removed.

Step 2: Swirling Time

I attached the cleaning disk to my drill and swirled away. I used Windex all surface cleaner to keep it damp. Then I used the same cleaner and paper towels to remove the residue.

Step 3: Don't Forget the Back Side

Repeat the steps for the back.

Step 4: Finished

This cymbal looked pretty corroded when I started. It took about 3 passes with the rubbing compound until most of the grime was gone.



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    1 year ago

    It worked pretty well :)