Cleaning Rust Off a Knife



About: I'm a Texan living in South Africa as a missionary with my family working along side Samaria Mission

This method may not work for folding knives but it does work on fixed blades
Now let’s get started

Step 1:

You will need:
Rag Vinegar
Bowl or cup
Steel wool
Primer or coating for knife

Warning the vinegar removes any coating you may have on your blade.

Step 2:

Get a rag that can wrap around your blade at least twice

Step 3:

Get a bowl or cup put the rag and vinegar in it
Pull the rag out and wring it out. So it’s wet but not dripping and not damp
Wrap the rag around the blade only the blade and leave it for at least an hour

Step 4:

Unwrap the blade and use the steel wool on the rusty spots
Once down you can add the coating or primer if you want
I personally left mine the way it was which I think it gives more of a worn look to it



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