Cleaning Supplies Door Organizer

Introduction: Cleaning Supplies Door Organizer

Whether your place of residence is spacious or cramped, being organized is totally vital to making the most of your living quarters.

Personally, I had a hard time figuring out where to keep all of my cleaning supplies, I wanted to be able to keep everything in one area for easy access but that was proving to be difficult, what with falling brooms, perpetually missing rags etc.

I started using an "Over The Door Coat Hanger" and it's been THEE BEST way for me to save space and keep organized.

Step 1: Type of Over the Door Coat Hanger

The type of Over The Door Coat Hanger I find to be most ideal for organizing cleaning supplies contains the following features:

  • Chrome colored steel structure
  • Two sections (upper and lower)
  • Smooth hooks (ball hooks can't accommodate some broom/mop hanger holes).

There are no tools needed for assembling and its barely noticeable from the outside of the door.

I organized my rags and cleaning gloves up top, broom, mop, and spray bottles on the lower section. Its really simple, cheap, and an efficient way to organize whilst saving major space!

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