Cleaning the Underside of an HP's Scanner Glass

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This is instructions on how to disassemble the top portion (scanner and Document Feed) of an HP Laserjet 3030.

The problem: Photo scans were having streaks in the image.
Cause: Wires connected to the scanner element dragging across the glass - these wires appear to be coated with some sort of light lubricant
Solution: Disassemble -- clean glass

T-10 Torx Bit <--- if you're buying a torx set, I recommend that you buy a tamper evident set just in case you need that feature later ;)

Awl or something with a pointy edge
Glass Cleaner and chamois
Rubbing Alcohol

Step 1: Remove Screws and Keypad Cover

Turn off and unplug your machine ;)

There are 5 T-10 torx screws that need to be removed -- see photo notes below. Remove them and store in a safe place.

The keypad cover is held in by friction and several tabs located at the top of the pad. Pry from the bottom of the cover and lift straight up. When the pad releases - pull up and away (towards your body) and guide the keypad off.

You'll notice that my machine is still on at this time. I was hoping I would not need to remove anything wire harnesses and keep the machine running while I did the fix (my parent's business needs this machine up to receive faxes).

Step 2: Removing the Keypad and Keypad Harness

Sorry for the blurry image. First -- locate the two tabs on the very ends of the keypad. The scanner bed locks into here. Press the lower portion of the tab down - you may hear a click.

Note the "hook-like" plastic tab and plastic nub (that locks into the tab) below the lcd panel and to the left of my dirty finger (sorry -- from oil change to scanner repair man). Push the tab up and slide the keypad to the left.

Now, gently pull straight up and locate the ribbon harness. Gently pull the ribbon harness out of the keypad. The plastic holder stays in place. Only the ribbon can be removed. Set the keypad aside.

Step 3: Remove the Scanner Bed

On the left side of the scanner bed is the document feed scanning area. One of the removed torx screws holds own a plastic plate covering a small piece of glass (about 1 inch wide).

Remove the plastic piece and then gently remove the glass. When reinstalling later -- the glass must first go against the black plastic holder and then gently pressed into the gray cross beam.

With your awl -- press in the locking tab in front of the scanner bed. Once this is released - the upper bed can be removed. Close the scanner top and release the two snap tabs. Now, gently pull straight up. We can not remove the document feed harness (easily) at this time - so be aware.

You may have trouble with the back left corner. I beleive the document feed harness gets stuck. Just help it through the plastic slot and it should release easily. Do not force this component out -- after fiddling with it, this part came out VERY SMOOTHLY.

Once the scanner bed is out -- pull out some of the feed harness. It is pushed into the back of the lower scanner bed and comes up easily. You only need to remove a few inches.

Flip the upper assembly and gently rest in the lower scanner bed. Be aware of the scanning element et. al.

Next, we will remove the glass for cleaning.

Step 4: Removing and Cleaning the Glass

The glass is pressed into its holder. There are two locking tabs and two holding tabs.

Using your awl carefully press in on one of the locking tabs while gently prying up on the glass. You only want the glass to lift up a millimeter or two. Now repeat on the other side. Going back and forth, repeat on each tab until the glass is released. No pull out of the two holding tabs and the glass is removed.

Clean with your favorite glass cleaner and a chamois or other non dust making cloth. Once you are done cleaning -- handle only be the glass edge.

Rinse the glass with water and then rubbing alcohol to remove any dust. <-- the water removes any dust and the rubbing alcohol displaces the water and evaporates fast.

Replace the glass by sliding into the holding tabs and then gently and with even pressure snap into the locking tabs. Reassemble reverse of disassembly.

If you were meticulous and anal about your work, you scanned images should be clear again. If you left any dust behind or went cheap on cleaning materials (like using a paper napkin etc.) -- you scanned images will still have contaminants in them.



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    8 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    A step to step guide on how to clean the scanner glass


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome... thanks so much for this. Worked like a charm.


    9 years ago on Introduction

     Great instructions!  Managed to clean out an ant colony living in the scanbed.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    That is exactly the info I was looking for. Couldn't get it from HP. Thanks for the help.

    1 reply

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    After reading the instructions again, and checking out my printer, I realized that the HP 3010 in the instructions, and my printer, an HP 3310, don't disassemble in the same manner. I took the lid off (unconnecting the light cord), and found 5 T-10 torx screws, 3 on the top back, and 2 on the top front. But, since the key pad is a "swing out" type, nothing else worked. I found that I could lift the scanning bed, but couldn't find a way to disconnect it. I did find that there was just enough room to get my hand in there and clean the bottom of the glass. So, with the loss of a little blood from all the sharp edges, I was able to accomplish the cleaning. Thanks for giving me the confidence to try this. I appreciate it.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I was given a hp all in one printer that didn't work. All I had to do was clean the underside of the glass and it started working again.

    Captain Pedantic

    12 years ago

    Wow, timing! I just got around to cleaning my scanner last night. I was turning the thing over and over trying to figure how it came apart before I noticed two screws in the slots where the lid hinges attach. That was all that held it together.


    12 years ago

    Very good instructable. This is something that needs to be done periodically on any scanner. I've known a number of people that go out and buy a new scanner when this is all they needed.