Cleaning Sea Glass With Denture Tablets (and Jewelry, Water Bottles, Craft Materials, Glass, Carboys, Toilets, Etc.)




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Denture cleaner has multiple uses.  It is great at cleaning small items like jewelry, craft supplies (ex. sea glass, mosaic tile, etc).  it gets rid of mineral deposits and adds shine.

Step 1: Soak

Place your pieces in a shallow tray.  Dissolve 2 denture cleaning tablets in water and then pour into the tray so that everything is covered.  Let sit for 30 minutes.

Step 2: Rinse and Dry

Rinse the pieces and them let dry on a towel.

* Do not worry, this process will not remove the cloudiness from real seal glass

Step 3: More Ways to Clean With Denture Tablets

Other Cleaning Uses

Clean a coffeemaker or a stained cup: Run your coffeemaker with a couple denture tablets in the tank to get rid of hard water or coffee stains.

Water Bottles: Aluminum & Plastic Water Bottle manufacturers make their own cleaning kits that are actually nothing more than denture cleaning tablets, but with a higher price.

Retainer Care: This is the best way to clean a retainer without causing wear from repeated brushing. I soak mine for 10 minutes every week.

Clean your jewelry: Clean metal and beaded jewelry by soaking them for just a few minutes. It will also return the sparkle to a faded diamond.

Clean glass wear: To get rid of the mineral deposits on glass just fill with water and drop in a tablet for a few minutes. Use the same method to clean thermos bottles, cruets, glasses, and coffee decanters.

Cleaning beer brewing equipment: Cleans the yeast out of carboys (see here)

Clean your toilet: Drop in a denture tablet and then flush 20 minutes later.

Clean enamel cookware: FIll a dirty or stained pan with warm water and drop in a tablet. Come back later and your pan will be much easier to clean.

Unclog a drain: For a slow drain drop a couple tablets into the drain and run the hot water. For a clog, put 3 tablets and 1 cup of vinegar down the drain and wait 5 minutes before running hot water.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    wow, I'm impressed! Can you clean silverware this way? Gold would be fine I'm sure as it's very hardy or would it pit it? I'm going to try to remedy the slow drain in the bathtub . I'll have to go out and buy some. Any particular brand of denture cleaner preferable? Or all they basically the same?

    Thanks so much


    5 years ago

    I've collected shells from a river & want to clean & shine them. will this work?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Just found this link:
    Apparently, it's good, but I would still give them a thorough rinsing afterwards to make sure all of the chem is rinsed away..

    I have no idea if that would work, but it would make cleaning a carboy a lot easier if it did so it may be worth a try. Let me know your results if you do it.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Even though Aluminum & Plastic Water Bottle manufacturers make their own Cleaning kits, they're actually nothing more than denture cleaning tablets, but with a higher price. Also, If you've been to a renaissance faire, and bought a drinking horn, (cow horn hollowed out, boiled, sealed, then either handle or strap added), the recommended way to clean these, is with a denture cleaning tablet. (since, the horn is made about the same as teeth.) Oxygen-based bleach works too, but needs a serious rinsing afterwards.