Cleaning a Car Battery Pole.




Introduction: Cleaning a Car Battery Pole.

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The negative of my wife's car battery pole is slack to touch. This is not good! It is so slack I can remove it by using 2 fingers.

Step 1: Corrosion.

As you can see the pole has significant corrosion. This needs to be removed.

Step 2: The Tool.

This brass brush is perfect for cleaning lead poles.

Step 3: Cleaning!

Carefully brushing the pole and the clamp, I made sure all surfaces were clean.

Step 4: Completion!

Using a 10mm Spanner I tightened till snug. Now the clamp is secure on the pole and the vehicle ready for the road!



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    Contact paste will only protect the connection, not the rest of the metal. Galvanic corrosion is stll an issue. Using cables with a lead clamp for the lead battery post instead of cheaper steel clamps makes a huge difference. Permatex 22058 Dielectric Tune-Up Grease is recommended by the manufacturer for your car battery terminals. I've used it on several vehicles and other equipment with 12 Volt lead-acid batteries. Zero problems with any type of corrosion or connections. Dielectric DOES NOT mean non-conductive per se, but rather polarizable. The full explanation of why it works is lenghty and technical. Always read the manufacturer's instructions!

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    It is good to use battery contact paste to seal it. Once you have those crystals there, those will be back in no time.

    It is even no basic. Please...