Cleaning and Polishing Leather Shoes




Leather has been used in a vast range of ways for thousands of years. While strong, beautiful, and durable, leather can easily dirty and dry out when not cared for. I have found my boots to get especially dry from the cold winters in New Hampshire. So, I am writing this instructable to share my method of maintaining my boots. Enjoy...

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Step 1: What You Will Need...

- A dampened sock or rag

  • In order to remove the grime, dirt, and salt accumulated from my boots, I find that a dampened sock or rag picks up heavy grime.

- A dry sock or rag

  • To pick up small amounts of dirt and dust

- A small horsehair polish cream applicator

  • To apply the initial layer of polish

- Leather boot/ shoe polish

  • Re hydrates leather and restores original shine

- Large soft bristle horse hair brush

  • To work the final amount of polish into leather and give it shine

Step 2: Scrub

As you can see, my boot started off a grimy mess. All of the salt from two years of icy roads built up, along with mud and dirt. So first off, you dampen a rag, or sock in my case, and scrub the leather until all of the caked dirt is gone.

Step 3: Wait

After you have scrubbed all of the dirt off, let your boots, or shoes, dry for about five minutes until you apply polishing cream.

Step 4: Apply Polishing Cream

Apply polishing cream to your shoes with the small, rough bristle horsehair brush. Rub generously in circles until the cream appears as a matted layer on the leather.

Step 5: Final Polish

Brush the boots with a large, soft bristle brush until your boots look hydrated and shiny! With this step, there are no limits on what you can do; the more you brush, the more shine will appear!

Step 6: Flaunt Them

After you finish restoring your leather boots to almost brand new, you need to flaunt them! Wear them out and be proud of what you did to restore your boots in just five steps.

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    5 Discussions


    2 years ago

    A solution I learned in the Army :

    After cleaning, apply generously the shoe polish and almost make a layer.

    Let dry for a night. Then you brush vigorously to get rid of all the surplus of shoe was. Then you finally apply a layer of bee wax in spray. Take something like Wood Silk (no silicone inside, pure bee wax). And let the leather drink all the wax.

    Brush and thenn polish. Your shoes will be protected for several months and you'll only need to polish them to make them shine again


    2 years ago

    The difference between them is amazing! Is that just from one go?

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    nice. What brand are those boots? I would like to get a pair.

    1 reply