Clear Storage Bag Use a Zip-lock Bag for Accessories

About: Hi! I'm Kakudaito, from Kobe Japan. I 'm making jewelry. I like creating things,learning English.Thank you for visiting me.


I'm Kakudaito from Japan.

This is the first time that I share my idea.

I'm making jewelry.

I know how difficult those jewelry is to organize .

I think zip lock bag is good for storage,safekeeping of the small articles.

Then I made this by sewing zip lock bag in 2 or 3 lines.

This storage bag is very easy to make ,and low cost.

Step 1: What You Need

what you need

  • ziplock bag
  • sewing machine ,or double-saided tape

Make partitions in the ziplock bag by sewing like this.

If you don't want sew,double-sided tape can be used.

Step 2: Others

Not only for jewelry, but also like toiletry,codes,tooth brushing set, glass.

Thank you for visiting.



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