ClearTV Antenna Lookalike.

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If you have been following my instructables, I have been doing a few almost free TV antennas. In this instructable, I wanted to make a sort of clone of the ClearTV antenna that is advertized quite a bit on TV. Actually I made a prototype first just to see even if the idea worked. Then I thought I might as weel at least make it a lookalike. Prototype did not work half bad, but not as good as what we already had. Make one yourself and see what it can do!

Step 1: What's Needed,

Cardboard. (i just used a piece from the back of the tablet.
Aluminium foil 1' x 1' should fbe fine.
TV transformer.


Update: thinking about using pie plates as they are much think than the foil to help capture the signal.

Step 2: Base.

Piece of gray ardboard cut to 7 3/4" x 7 3/4".Save the rest to make a cover later.
Mark a 1/2 inch premeter. The add lines for the design.
Color in the appropriate areas.

Step 3: Cover.

You will want to make a cover that will that will go over the mid part of the bottom section.  Usee the ruler to zero in on the size you need.Yours may vary,
Tape the center section  over the bottom senter part. We used double sided tape.

Step 4: Foil for the Back Side.

Yuu will need two foil triangles with a 6 3/4 " base.we made two baseds and cut out a trangle to to use as a form.
Tape these to the back side in the same orientation as the trianglees on the front sade. but make sure the centerpoints are not touching.

You can also punch two holes in the base for hangin. Just be sure and not puch holes in the foil.

Note I addedthe image of the foil antenna I originally intended to use.

Step 5: Using Thicker Foil.

Pie pan from Dollar store was thicker than standard aluminium foil. Takes two pie pans to make the dipoles. Fortunately, still had the form from the original unit. Drew the barrier lines and then cut out the triangles. The triangles were attached to cardboard form with tape.

Seem to get the major stations excepting one a bit better. Probably can get the station missed by redirecting the antenna towards the transmission tower of that station.

Step 6: Put It to Work.

This antenna is very directional., so like the commercial says you will need to find the best placement. Our tuner collected over ninety stations, but only a portion of those were useable. For a few pennies you can save your self about twenty dollars. Good luck!



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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago

    how many channels does this antenna get?

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    It will depend on how many and how strong the tv station transmitters are around you. We were able to connect to about 30, but my regular antennas get over 100.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I would like to use a big library that have in my living room, can I increase 4x the size to have more Gain?

    1 reply

    Size usually does not matter. Consider how small a cell phone antenna is. Making the antenna larger could make it out of tune with some stations.


    5 years ago

    I've seen lots of homemade antennas. They tend to work well, and I hope this too.

    1 reply