Cleopatra Costume


Introduction: Cleopatra Costume

100% Homemade Queen Cleopatra Costume

Step 1: Buy Supplies

Buy beads, wire, string, fabric, chains.

Step 2: Cut, Measure and Glue Feathers

Cut hundreds of gold feathers. Measure lines. Glue and place feathers.

Step 3: Create Gathered Skirt With a Train

Take a piece of elastic. Fold fabric over elastic. Glue. Pull fabric so it gathers and creates pleats. Sew the dress closed, leaving a slit.

Step 4: Cape

Measure and cut hundreds and hundreds of gold feathers that perfectly match up to one another. The key is to cut out about .1 inches of negative space around each shape which leaves the sheer black fabric exposed. Glue once all pieces are cut.

Step 5: Create Jewelry

Using beads, needles, wire, and string create jewelry. Lots of tying, knots, and wrapping. I also glue gun knots and ties so that nothing catches on my skin or fabrics.

Step 6: Wear

Be a queen.

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4 Discussions

wow! Get a head start on next year's costume! Very nice costume!

Love it. Just a suggestion that next time use more detailed pictures. Although this ible is understandable but still I would love to see moreeee pictures of the process :)

Love that cape! I would love to see more step by step info on how you arrived at the measurements and shaping for it.

Great costume. It looks professionally made. I love the cape.