Clever Bunk Bed Add Ons

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So maybe you have a bunk bed but aren't allowed to make permanent changes to it, for example in a dorm room. Of course you'd still want things like shelves and coat hooks, but how to make these things with out a drill, tape, or glue? That's what these pro tips are all about.

Step 1: First, You'll Need a Bunk Bed

So yes, you'll need a bunk bed for most of these. Some can be made with a regular bed as well though. But aside from the bed the supplies are pretty modular because this instructable has a couple different strategies in it. Here are the supply lists for each of the projects:

For the clamp hat hooks all you need are clamps, so long as they have a part that juts out then you'll be good.

For the clamped light you'll need to buy one (or if you're feeling audacious you could probably glue a binder clip to a desk lamp... but I wouldn't recommend it.)

For the coat hooks you'll need a wire frame of coat hooks and some twist ties (longer the better)

For the bunk shelf you'll need to buy a bunk shelf (or if you're particularly skilled in welding and wood shop it can't be that hard to make, just find some screw clamp attachments to add to the wire framing...)

Step 2: Easy Peasy Clamp and Squeezey

Literally as simple as 1 2 3

1. Take a clamp and position it sorta up high on your bunk bed with the shaft sticking away from the bed.

2. Tighten the clamp. Some clamps have a squeezing lever to tighten, others need to be turned. Don't tighten it too much because it made leave an impression in the wood, but don't make it so loose that it can be easily moved.

3. Put stuff on it! Hang hoods or hats on the shaft like shown in the picture.

Step 3: Twist Tie Coat Rack

Get a wire coat rack from the store and make sure it has some sort of loops to put twist ties though.

(Some have attachment features on the back already that are meant for permanent installation but they might provide as useful hooks for using with the twist ties)

Take the twist ties (you can recycle by using the waxed wire from bread bags) and loop them through the coat rack and around the slats of the bunk bed.

One on either end of the coat rack should do the trick.

Note: This may seem like an awfully shabby solution but I've used this one for years and it works just fine, even when it's weighed down by lots of coats.

Step 4: Clampy Light

These small reading lights are by far the most useful I've come across. All it is is a flexible light attached to a suction clamp. Squeeze the large clip and put it on the side or head rest of the bed for a late night reading light. If you're on the bottom bunk you can attach it to the 'ceiling' planks of wood.

Step 5: Bunk Shelf

I don't where I got this but they're easy to find with a quick internet search. They clamp to the side of the bed with a pair of screw hinges, the one I have has two parts, one a box for the stuff and the other a wire frame for attachment. I find it can hold a stack of books a few pens or water bottle quite well. Similar to the hat hook you're not going to want to tighten the clamps too much because it will imprint on the wood. Some other ones just hook onto the side with out a clamp and while those probably tip easier and can't reliably support as much weight they don't come with any dent concerns.

Step 6: Thanks Please Vote

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