Clever Ways of Attaching Components to Your Robot




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During the development of Farrusco , we tried a lot of different ways to attach components to PVC supports, from hot-glue, to screws and double side-tape. Because this is intended to be sold as a kit the main keywords were: easy, cheap, last long as possible, and as a final thought “less is more”, what you will see in the fotos below was how André Almeida solved the issue, all credits goes to him. As you see we are using PVC but this can be done with cardboard, wood, acrylic, polymorph, you name it..

We will show bumper-sensors and a Sharp distance sensor, there won’t be much to say, photos speak for themselves:

What we will use is as simple as this:

Step 1:

Starting with the bumpers, as you see they will fit perfectly inside the holes

Step 2:

Attach them with zip ties

Step 3:

let’s do the same with the Sharp IR

Step 4:

Fits perfectly on the pvc

Step 5:

use zipties to attach both to each other

Step 6:

fotos speak for themselves:

Step 7:

Use you components shape as an advantage and try to be as simple as possible.

Now that you saw this, you can imagine other cool ways to attach other components and sensors to your robots!

I can imagine the endless possibilities that a 3D printer will give!     : j



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    You might benefit from a clearer title; "Clever ways of attaching components to your robot."

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    Thank you so much for your suggestion!! Will change the title right now!