Click Counter - VB.NET

Introduction: Click Counter - VB.NET

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This a step by step instruction to make a simple click counter with VB.NET.

This is a simple to make fun project and can be done in minutes. Useful for learning and having fun with simple coding.

The application was initially intended to test a gamer's clicking speed.

This will have full code and design given. Let's start.

Note: It is assumed that, you know a basic know how of visual studio.

Step 1 : Install Visual Studio Express for Desktop.

Step 2 : Create new project.

Step 3 : Resize the form to your liking.

Step 4 : Add two GroupBox and a Button. Add one Label each to GroupBox.

Step 5 : Add a Timer to your form.

Step 6 : Change the text of the groupbox to your liking. one for click rate and other for total click count.

Step 7 : Rename the label for click rate counter to "ClickRateOut" and text to "0".

Step 8 : Rename the label for total click count to "CountOut" and text to "0".

Step 9 : Rename the timer to "TimeBaseGenerator" and Interval to 1000.

Step 10 : Paste the code given and replace the whole code.

Finish : Now Run your project.

The finished view of project page and final application is given for reference.

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