Click Amazing Photos of Your Projects(cyclorama)

Introduction: Click Amazing Photos of Your Projects(cyclorama)


*TLDR; Go through the photos

I've always had the trouble of clicking nice pictures of my projects, I usually use a white paper and place the project on top of it and go click click.

So I built a simple and cheap cyclorama, there are a hundred different ways of doing this. I've built using foam.

Parts needed:

  • Foam
  • ruler
  • marker
  • foam cutter of some sort
  • blank paper
  • Light source
  • Model for clicking pictures

Start by taking two pieces of foam and make sure they are of the same size(I used 230mmx280mm but you can use which ever size you want) . Mark a line on the longer side with the same distance as the thickness of the foam, mine was 15mm thick. Divide the longer side by 5 and make the markings. use the foam cutter to make the tabs, refer the pictures to get a clear picture :) . Press fit them at 90 degrees and place a blank paper on it. Get a light source place the model and start clicking.

All the photos are clicked with my phone(moto g)

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    5 years ago

    I like it, thank you