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Introduction: Climbing Wall

An amazing project!
Had fun from start to finish.
Everything was self made, including the climbing holds.


Step 1: Plan & Design

I used google sketch for the design, a great (free) software, very easy to learn.

Measure the wall you have for the structure support, and plan your climbing wall according to it.

I have made around 20 designs before I got to this one, once I felt comfortable with it, I stopped with the designs (could continue for ever..)

The design was done in layers -
1. The wall itself
2. The structure (10x10 logs, 4.80 in length)
3. The wooden platter (1.22x2.44) locations and angles
4. The wall drills location - the more the merrier - (stronger)

Calculate the amount of wood you need to buy, measure the length of every pole (for cutting), and calculate the angles

Step 2: Making the Climbing Holds

This step was a very long process( I made 121 holds, in different sizes and shapes) I have made many mistakes along the way until I have found the "right way to do it"

Steps -

1. Make your desired "climbing hold" by using clay or something similar (I used 'Das')
I have tried using flower foam, but it was a bad, and a messy experience

2. Place the hold you made in a "box" (see image) - close the sides of the "box" with hot glue, so it surrounds the shape you made, make sure you leave at least 12 mm space around the edges, make sure it's all sealed very well!

3. Put liquid silicone (RTV) inside the box, and give it 24 hours to dry

4. Take out the hold you made - and you got yourself a negative of the hold

5. In the mold you made, place a washer and put in "liquid poliaster" (mixed with sand 1:1, and some color)
Give it 12 hours to dry

6.pull out the hold you made from the mold, clean it with sand paper, and make sure the screw can be easily inserted

Step 3: Assemble the Wall

According to your plan, start cutting and pasting the poles and the wooden platters

Steps -
1. Buy the wood (according to the plan you made)

2. Paint the wood with oil paint, a good protection from sun / rain

3. Drill holes in the wood (see images) - 6 holes per line, 12 lines, total of 72 holes per wooden platter

4. Place t- nuts in every hole, knock it in place, make sure it is straight

5. Build the structure on the ground

6. Drill the hols in the wall

7. Place the structure on the wall

8. Assemble the wooden platters into place

Step 4: Place the Holds

Place the holds you made on the wall.

Because we have made many holes, It easy to rearrange them as you go

Step 5: Enjoy

Make sure the climbing wall is strong and can hold people climbing / falling




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    17 Discussions

    How much did it cost Really want to build rock wall but don't want to pay too much.

    2 replies

    Total cost was ±$1.5k (including all the tools i needed - electric saw, electric screwdriver, and more..)
    Molding was a big part of the cost (mainly the liquid silicon i used), had to buy the materials again until i understood what i was doing...
    You can do it under $1k if you have the proper tools to build it

    I rlly wanna make this!!! This seems rlly cool!!!

    That looks great! I can't wait to make one some day.


    2 years ago

    @bricobart - yes, the top is covered, and the wood is painted with oil paint, I hope it will be ok after the rain


    2 years ago

    Thanks again for all of the good feedbacks, the most common reaction when someone sees the wall is - wow...

    Very nice Climbing wall and good work done. Probably very inspiring monkey business is good to do on such wall. :) Just recently made one for my kids more simpler as in flat there is less room. I was buying used climbing rocks. Probably need to make some instructable as well...

    Impressive! How do you deal with rain water evacuation? Is the top flat or open?


    2 years ago

    @tecwyn -it is 5meters high.. Not sure a mat will help here...


    2 years ago

    Awesome work! I wish I had the space to make one!

    Yes welcome ! If you make a nice thick mat you may not need z rope?

    I admire your patience with making all those holds: 121, you say!


    2 years ago

    Here is the "original" as it came to my home

    photo-8.3.2016, 20:12.jpg

    2 years ago

    Thank you for the compliments, the panels are "sandwich" wooden platter (18mm), painted with oil paint, the holes are 3/8 wide (11mm

    What sort of wood have you used for the panels? Any special consideration for the strengths required?

    Wow! This is amazing! Can't wait to see what you make next! Welcome to instructables. :)