Clip Coupons Easily Without Scissors!

Introduction: Clip Coupons Easily Without Scissors!

Often I will have a newspaper or magazine that has a coupon in it.
Since I rarely carry a pair of scissors with me, I thought of a diffferent way to clip the coupon without destroying it or the newspaper.

Step 1: Layers.

Make sure to have several layers of the paper beneath the page you are clipping, and a hard surface.

Step 2: Use a Medium-point Ballpoint Pen to Score the Paper Around the Coupon.

Note: NOT a gel-pen, pencil, or fountain pen! It's the roller and the oily ink that helps create the separation.  A fine point ballpoint tends to tear the paper rather than score it.

Press firmly, but not too hard. Most paper that coupons are printed on has a "grain", so be extra careful when going "across" the grain.

Step 3: Lightly Fold If Necessary and Tear Carefully.

The coupon should come out exactly on the lines you drew.

Step 4: You Can Even Clip From the Middle of the Page!

Just lightly fold and pull the paper apart on a seam.

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